Creating 64 bit image from 32 bit machine?

Discussion created by Guest on Oct 26, 2006
Anybody know of a way to create/administer a SW07 64 bit admin image from a 32 bit machine? I do all of the administering here, but I still run a 32 bit machine, and we presently only run two boxes as 64 bit. I basically created two admin images (one 32 bit and one 64 bit), but had to use the 64 bit box to create the 64 bit image on our server (somewhat of a pain). Now, I'm wanting to apply the service packs to both applicable images, and I can't even apply the 64 bit service pack from my 32 bit box and have to use the 64 bit box to do so.


SW 2006 SP4.1
Win XP Pro SP 2.0
XI Mtower 64 SLI Workstation
AMD FX57 64 Bit
nVidia Quadro FX1400
2 GB Ram