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Sprint car wing

Question asked by Jose Sánchez on Jun 23, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2016 by Dennis Bacon

Hello everyone

I modeled up this sprint car wing.

I want drawings to be able to make more wings but I ran into an issue

Hopefully somebody can help me out

So in img1 you can see the wing with sheets covering it

Img 2 is the wing without the sheets

and img 3 is the side view of the wing

The idea was to draw everything up so I wouldn't have to hand drill all the holes on the sheet

but in order to get it to fold over the wing, I had to make a bunch of bends as shown in img 4 the blue line

In order to be able to cut the part

I have to save a DXF of the flat pattern

the issue is, when I have the part cut and put it on the wing, the holes are not matching up

I don't know if its the bends throwing everything off or what's the problem

So basically what i'm asking

is there a way to create a sheet metal sheet over the wing, which is not flat, and be able to make holes in it that will hopefully match the wing