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    Sprint car wing

    Jose Sánchez

      Hello everyone

      I modeled up this sprint car wing.

      I want drawings to be able to make more wings but I ran into an issue

      Hopefully somebody can help me out

      So in img1 you can see the wing with sheets covering it

      Img 2 is the wing without the sheets

      and img 3 is the side view of the wing

      The idea was to draw everything up so I wouldn't have to hand drill all the holes on the sheet

      but in order to get it to fold over the wing, I had to make a bunch of bends as shown in img 4 the blue line

      In order to be able to cut the part

      I have to save a DXF of the flat pattern

      the issue is, when I have the part cut and put it on the wing, the holes are not matching up

      I don't know if its the bends throwing everything off or what's the problem

      So basically what i'm asking

      is there a way to create a sheet metal sheet over the wing, which is not flat, and be able to make holes in it that will hopefully match the wing

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          David Robertson

          Hi Jose


          I think the only thing you would be able to do is to sketch out the outline on one side (img 3 orientation) and create the base flange that way, adding the correct bend radii and parameters you need. Then add the holes using Extruded cuts or the hole wizard using the existing holes as references. Then you'll be able to flatten the body and still have the holes in it.


          Kind Regards

          David Robertson

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            Paul Salvador

            ... tolerances from the process(es) alone would require your holes to be oversized,... which brings in a practical question..  3-5 assemblys?  (not mass production) ,..  if it were less then 5 assemblys,.. maybe consider clamping/drilliing/riveting at the point of assembly?

            ..and, maybe consider making the sheets larger curved panels, not the smaller facets and drill/rivet at the final assembly?


            oh, the holes would only be on the exterior panels, for piloting (drilling/riveting), not on the small flanges under.


            (btw, fun project!)

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                Jose Sánchez


                If I could oversize the holes I would however, If I oversize the holes, the rivets will not hold the sheet onto the frame

                unfortunately they have to be the same size

                as far as the number of assemblies, the purpose of making drawings for it is to eliminate the clamping/drilling/riveting at the point of assembly. As of now, that is how these wings are made

                when the sprint cars crash or flip, you basically need a new wing because they are made of very thin materials

                so the overall idea is to be able to send DXF files to a shop and have them cut these parts with a laser, then bend them and all that would be left would be to assemble them.

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                Dennis Bacon

                Hose,,, (Ooops) Jose,,, I have done many sprint car wings in my time. It actually can be done. I have made kits and shipped thousands uh,, hundreds of kits to people to put together on their site. Never had any complaints about the holes not lining up. I definitely would not bend the wrap in multiple hits like your pic. I goofed on my example and used a spline in order to quickly come up with a profile for this. Should have used tangent arcs then extruded a base flange but I'm getting old and tend to forget things so I ended up doing a loft. Also the wrap should be made in 2 or three pieces and overlap, but you get the idea. There are some good example of kits you can buy on various web sites.

                I attached a 2014 file (earliest version I have). You can click on each body and flatten the ribs or wrap.

                As Paul mentioned you do need some clearance holes in the wrap. We used to hammer the rib flanges over a lasered out piece of steel (or wood) but ended up making a tool to wipe the flanges.

                This is a scaled down version an no attention was paid to hole placement or diameter (they are in line), flange length or over all.

                Second Edit:... Just wanted to make it clear that the hole ° in the spars is the manufacturers recommendation for the rivet. I believe (can't remember for sure) that the holes in the skins were somewhere around .016" larger on a 1/8" and 3/16". Made my own shaker shook apart a lot of wings prior to coming up with the optimum clearance hole diameter which would maintain structural integrity and still be able to line up the holes.

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                    Jose Sánchez


                    I have tried to do a wrap

                    but I can't seem to get it to work

                    can you explain in a little more detail how to go about doing the wrap?


                    I actually have a custom made wing that a friend made, and the sheets do overlap with each other

                    and the rivet holes are in fact 1/8 inch


                    The whole idea of this project is to make it a lot easier to make more of these wings as when the sprint cars crash or flip, the wings are pretty much useless

                    as of now the wings are made by hand

                    which takes a lot of time

                    and since this wing is custom made, it cannot be purchased


                    I do thank you for your help, now I know that it definitely is possible to get this to work

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                      Jose Sánchez

                      If i'm not mistaken, I cannot do a  wrap on an assembly?

                      I guess that is what I am having a problem with

                      In the pictures I attached in my question,

                      it's the assembly of parts

                      so is there any other option other than a wrap?

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                          Dennis Bacon

                          I apologize for the confusion Jose. I am calling the skin that wraps around the spar a wrap. I did not want to suggest you use the wrap feature. A Base flange works for each of the 3 skins. I have a feeling that is what you used in your pic but there seems to be way too many bend lines (or tangent lines). You can do this in a part or an assembly. In an assembly you can start a new part and convert the edges you want as base flanges then extrude. I have done this in a part only creating a multi-body sheet metal part.