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Can't release network license (non-borrowed) when switching network connections.

Question asked by Josh Brady on Jun 23, 2016

We have a network license in our office for SolidWorks.  Some of our engineers have laptops with docking stations.  We have both wired and wireless connections available.  Of course, wired connection has better performance than wireless, so our computers are set up to use wired when docked, and they automatically switch to wireless when removed from the dock.


However, this causes the license server to lose its knowledge of that computer, such that when SolidWorks is closed the license is not released.  Restoring the wired connection and closing SW still doesn't release the license.  The only way to get that license back available on the server is to wait several hours for it to time out.  Since we have fewer licenses than engineers, we certainly don't want a bunch of licenses out there locked up that we can't get released.  We contacted VAR support, but were told that this is expected behavior by the program when "abruptly" switching network connections.  I think that's terrible.  Switching network connections should be expected user behavior.  I'll be submitting an  ER for this.


However, I'm not holding my breath for the ER... has anyone encountered this issue before?  Any good workarounds?  I know it's possible to force wifi to be the preferred connection in general, but I don't want us to have to do all our work over wifi due to worse performance.  However, having to remember to close SW every time I grab my PC to go to a meeting or out on the floor is not good either.  Can we force the computer to always look for the license server over wifi even though it's connected wired for everything else?