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A couple more examples

Discussion created by Rob Rodríguez on Jul 23, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2008 by Kevin Quigley
I just wanted to show a couple more examples of simple renderings that couldn't be created without the use of decals or custom textures. Attached you will find two images.

The sink rendering needed to have a custom material created to show the counter top. I took an actual piece of the material scanned it in a flat bed scanner, did a little re-touch work in Corel and created a custom material using the image.

The POP display needed to have a number of graphics applied to geometry. The customer supplied the graphics and they were attached to the geometry using decals.

These are simple models and fairly simple renderings. Solidworks is used for these types of products all the time. Neither of these images could have been created with PhotoView as it is today. A couple more examples of why decals, custom materials and texturing need to be included in the 1st release.