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    Crazy screen glitch

    Steven Dinsdale
      See screen shot for background glitch.

      This is the second time today that my screen has done this. I am open to any and all suggestions as to what is going on.

      After this happened, I tried to change the background and it led to the "SolidWorks is unable to obtain the required memory..." error that I usually only see if I try too fine of a mesh in COSMOS.

      Had 2 small parts and an assembly, ~50 components, Word, Excel, IE and Windows Explorer running.

      See sig for sys specs.
      Thanks in advance!
        • Crazy screen glitch
          Charles Culp
          This has been brought up quite a few times recently. It is symptomatic of serious video card problems. Given the rise in temperature outside... is it perhaps rather warm in your office? I suggest:

          1: Turn off your computer and give it a few minutes to cool down, then try again.

          2: Check and make sure your video card fan is properly rotating. As a preventive measure (fans cost less than $20, that video card is much more expensive) have the fan replaced.

          3: Talk to your IT about installing additional cooling in your computer.

          A video card processor overheating will produce these results. I just killed a video card two weeks ago.
            • Crazy screen glitch
              Steven Dinsdale
              Thanks Charles, I thought it was a video card issue. I thought this was happening to people, just couldn't find the posts.

                • Crazy screen glitch
                  Anna Wood

                  I agree with Charles on his assesment. I have been seeing some minor video glitches on my work computer of late.

                  I am in Phoenix, so we are into 100 plus temps everyday now. It is also monsoon season so the humidity level is way up. In the afternoon I can usually count on things starting to act up on my machine.

                  We see all sorts of strange issues around the shop when the temps hit 100 outside and monsoon season begins.


                    • Crazy screen glitch
                      Steven Dinsdale
                      Thanks Anna. I am in Bakersfield so I feel your heat (100 plus as well). I always shut down the computer when I go home, but I am going to try keeping it off anytime I am out of the office for an extended period of time. Maybe it just needs some mid-day naps. If that doesn't work I'll try purchasing a new fan. If that doesn't work I will probably have to deal with it until the whole system is down.

                      As an update, it happened three more times yesterday.
                        • Crazy screen glitch
                          Wayne Tiffany
                          Something you could try. Load a large model, then start twirling it.

                          My reasoning is this. We had a machine once that would flake out the video some of the time, just not when I went to see what the problem was. After watching him run for a while, I finally found that it flaked out in times of heavy use.

                          Basically, if you spin a large model, you require the graphics card to work harder, thereby getting hotter. If in those times if pukes, but not when it's just sitting idle or with minimal video updates, then heat is the first suspect. Take a look at the fan and make sure it's turning properly. Check the fins for dirt, etc.

                            • Crazy screen glitch
                              Steven Dinsdale
                              So far only one crash today!

                              Well, I just tried your suggestion Wayne of spinning it like crazy and everything still works, sort of. Now when I drag another window past the SW screen it takes it little while to refresh the screen.

                              I did notice something new. It usually crashes after about an hour of working on this assembly, ~13MB, and the page file usage is around 1.8 GB. Did I mention that the files are on a network server?

                              Thanks again everyone for your help!