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    Geostar vs Cosmosworks

    Marco F. Origgi
      Hi guys,

      I am new to Cosmoswrks, our consultant is using geostar to create the input file of a steestructure. We are using the Solidworks 2008 premium and Cosmosworks.
      I have found under Cosmos tools the geostar manager and run it. I can see the the model but I can not run it because the geostar igive a message that the key doesn't exist. What I have to do ??

        • Geostar vs Cosmosworks
          Derek Bishop
          Cannot answer your question. Perhaps speak to your software supplier/support team.

          I am interested in the performance of Cosmos compared with that of Geostar. I am wondering if Geostar is more suitable for handling bigger structural models than Cosmos. Any thoughts?
          • Geostar vs Cosmosworks
            Is it saying the license key doesn't exist? If you go to Control>>Miscellaneous>> Product Info then a window should come up and list all the authorized modules if nothing is there then it would suggest a license problem.

            I also have Cosmosworks premium and have no issues running Geostar, though can't see any advantage using Geostar unless you want to lose a few hours working out the interface. One thing I do like is it shows you the nodes.