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PDMWorks Enterprise and multiple facilities

Question asked by Jennifer Bahnsen on Jul 22, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2008 by Jennifer Bahnsen
I'm looking for advice from any of you who are using PDMWE at multiple offices. I realize that from one company to another there will be differences in how each one uses PDMWE but how different can (or should) things be from one office to another within one company?

Right now we have one office who completes the models and drawings outside of the vault and doesn't check them in until they are complete. They fill in the custom properties in the SW file and wants them to propagate to the data card. Another office uses the templates we created within PDMWE to start parts and assemblies, fills in the properties on the data card and that info propagates to the SW file.

What I run into is that a minor change on a data card for one office can turn into what they perceive as a showstopper for another office.

I would like your opinion on how consistant the process should be from office to office. Are we just setting ourselves up for problems if we try to make PDMWE so flexible that everyone can use it how ever they want?

TIA, Jennifer