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    Upgrading from GTX gpu to Quadro?

    Thomas Ulrik Christiansen

      Im currently running a single Nvidia GTX 580 which still impresses me, considering that is some years old. Now I want to upgrade. Will a Quadro K2200 or similar Quadro GPU perform better than my old GTX?

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          Brian Hillner

          Hi Thomas,

          Please see the article below for benchmarking of the M-series NVIDIA GPUs. This may help you with your new purchase. We only offer benchmark specs on the Quadro series.

          SOLIDWORKS Visualize - Graphics performance NVIDIA Quadro


          For example, 1x M4000 is about twice as fast as your GTX 580, if not slightly more.

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            Kenny Wilson

            Why do a Quadro when the GTX cards are going to offer you much more CUDA cores? Back in the day when Visualize was Bunkspeed, I had a beefy "workstation level" Boxx PC that had a Quadro 4000, Tesla C2075 and Quadro 600 (display) and it was dog slow compared to when I built my other "render rig" uising 3 GTX 780 Ti's. On the Bunkspeed forums we had a nice Benchmark thread with a ton of info using the Bunkspeed benchmark project file as a test subject. All GTX cards outperformed the Quadro cards some people were running, yet now that it's Solidworks Forums it seem a lot of you guys swear by Quadro cards. Been there and done that and I can tell you it's not ideal for rendering IMHO based off my own personal experiences.


            The GTX 580 is an older card that back a few years ago was still a great card for GPU rendering using CUDA core technology. If it were me, I'd save a ton on the money and buy one or two GTX cards that will certainly outperform Quadro cards for CUDA rendering.

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              Paul Salvador

              here's.. a benchmark at the a iray site...

              Iray 2015 Benchmarks | migenius


              btw,.. one of more honest explanations between the two..

              GeForce vs Quadro as Fast As Possible - YouTube

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                Neil Marten

                I would bet your 580 outperforms a K2200. The user benchmarks at this site seems to corroborate that thought. http://gpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Nvidia-Quadro-K2200-vs-Nvidia-GTX-580/2839vs3150


                Only Quadro cards are *certified* by SolidWorks and therefore it is all they will promote here. In my experience GTX cards have no issue running SolidWorks. I do it everyday on our Triple GTX 780 TI machines, which were specifically built to run Bunkspeed/Visualize. The only feature in SolidWorks that does not work with GTX cards is Real View. I never used it anyways, so no loss for me.


                My entire rig cost a few hundred more than a single Quadro M6000 card costs on its own. Getting similar power in a Quadro based system, running multiple M6000 cards would cost 3-4 times what my system cost (so $15,000 or more). So a lot of this is about how much money you can or want to throw at it. I personally think Quadro cards are a waste of money. This PC has proven that to me time and time again over the last 2.5 years.


                If your machine can handle adding a secondary card, i would go out and find a used GTX 580 and you would most likely be ahead of a M6000 based system that cost many thousands of dollars more.  Or if you are looking into new cards, the new 1080's look like a killer deal with relatively low power requirements.

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                    Paul Salvador

                    Neil.. if you want RealView to work,.. just do a search on the web or here for "enable realview registry"

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                        Alan Sweetenham

                        According to this article , you won't get the full benefit from just the registry hack does appear in the comments there are some other techniques though. It certainly gives us a headache the worst being using it on OSX under parallels/ bootcamp which seems increasingly popular.


                        From a VAR/ SOLIDWORKS support point of view when a customer is running an unsuported platform such as OSX,  or on windows using a gaming card or integrated graphics we will try an replicate the issue on a supported platform and if we can't we can only make best efforts. It isn't something we can raise a request to get it fixed.


                        So yeh i appreciate it is quite a price difference but for that reason sensible VARs (like mine) will offer hardware deals that are attractive discounts, make no money on it but it makes things so much easier from a support point of view for SOLIDWORKS.


                        However i can appreciate here there is a big difference between geforce and quadro in terms of number of CUDA cores per $/£ so if you are happy to take the risk on unsupported cards then if you are paying the bill then Geforce is very attractive. I'll probably see if we can get hold of 1 as a VAR purely so we can test issues.


                        Hopefully given the push NVIDIA are giving iRay the next generation Pascal Quadros will have more CUDA cores at lower price points.



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                      Jaja Jojo

                      haha this was always a debate, i use gtx for rendering and quadro for modeling

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                        Timothy Taby

                        If my company is paying the bill then I'm going with the Quadro cards since they are the supported ones and you will have less problems with them (plus for the company it's a tax write off anyways!). 


                        If I'm building my own system with me footing the bill I'm going to go with a GTX card.  I can deal with diver issues and other things that might pop up when I'm not on the clock trying to get a project done.  The new 1080's look pretty awesome!