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Access to "o:\...\the part number was denied.

Question asked by Rodney Michels on Jul 22, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2008 by Rodney Michels
We just switched over to 2008 and have had a few issues floating around. This is no reproduceble, but very frequent. After a user checks a file into the PDMWorks Workgroup Vault, they receive a message that states...

Access to O:\Solidworks\PaR_Hardware\Bolts and Screws\Set Screws (Socket)\56530514.SLDPRT was denied.

The title on the dialog box says Solidworks and there is a red circle with a white X in the middle.

Any Ideas???

This location is where we store our hardware on our Network. Permissions looks good. This was the first thing I checked.