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    Is anyone using Archive Compression in EPDM?

    Mark Schulz

      We are considering using Archive Compression to reduce drive space on our EPDM vault.  Has anyone had issues or problems with this service?  Any pitfalls or gotcha's?



      Mark S

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          Bill Stadler

          We just started earlier this year.  We have over 4T of files and were running low on space.  After turning on compression we saved ~30% disk space.


          I do not recall any gotcha's but will double check with our IT guy that did the compression.

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            Andrew Lidstone

            One thing to keep in mind is that any SOLIDWORKS files saved to 2015 format or newer are actually already internally compressed (that's why 2015 files are so much smaller than 2014 files), so if your vault is new, there isn't an enormous benefit to setting up compression on the archive.

            However if you do have alot of older versions that predate 2015, or alot of non-SOLIDWORKS files, it should make a pretty sizable difference.


            The only thing that does come to mind is that there is no "un-compress" function.  Once the archive is compressed, that's it, the only way to go back would be to manually un-compress each file in the archive and edit the index.xml files.  To be honest though, I don't think that's really a pitfall because there really aren't that many reasons you would need to un-compressed any files directly from the archive without going through the PDM interface.