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Why are hidden items being selected when mating?

Question asked by Colleen Christie on Jun 22, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2016 by Colleen Christie

I have an assembly with the top level being a weldment.  I have created several display states to use in the drawings.  When I try to add more items to the assembly and I am in one of the display states, I have trouble being able to select faces etc of the body that I want to mate to.  I keep on getting the faces of all the hidden items.  I have to RMB and "select other" to get the face that I want even though the face that I am trying to select is the only one visible. As you can see in the attached picture I am trying to select the right hand face of the wood member, but another hidden object is being selected. Any one else experience this?  Any ideas on how to correct? 


I like using weldments as it saves modeling time and keeps my file sizes substantially smaller, but unfortunately all the little quirks I am finding are actually causing more issues and I end up losing time when it comes to adding them to assemblies or detailing drawings.


Selecting hidden object.JPG