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Manually reducing iteration step...?

Question asked by Colter Cederlof on Jul 21, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2008 by Bill McEachern

I'm attempting a fairly simple flow problem with just a heat generating source in the middle of a box. There is a fan facing directly at the object and vents on the opposite side. The goal is to insure the object doesn't reach a maximum temperature.
I'm attempting to match experimental data with the FloWorks model to later optimize the layout. The data I have spans 15 minutes = 900 seconds. However, when I run FloWorks in the necessary time-dependent mode, each iteration only covers a physical time span of ~.04 seconds. Some quick math indicates there will be ~30,000 iterations required which is time consuming.

Thus, my question is: Is there a way to set the number of iteration for a given time span (ie 1 iteration covers .5 seconds)... or simply some way to cut down on the number of iterations for the allotted physical time span? I don't have a problem sacrificing accuracy.

Thanks for your assistance.