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Composer 2016 Glitches

Question asked by Tayler McKnight on Jun 22, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2016 by Sindre Sorhus


I recently installed the new 2016 Composer and I am experiencing some glitch issues, such as:

  • Rotation button doesn’t work – work around is pressing in the scroll on the mouse
  • Blurred image quality within the composer viewport (the exported images look good, but I would like the same image quality shown in my viewport)
  • Callouts don’t maintain the proper BOM number (images exports with the correct numbers, but again, I would like to have the correct numbered callouts shown in my viewport)

  • Content within the BOM table disappears randomly (sometimes the BOM is completely filled in, other times most of the text has disappeared and when I move the table around the numbers sporadically move throughout the table)
  • Highlighting individual model parts does not work – instead it highlights all the parts of the assembly (yes, assembly mode is off)


Any suggestions for fixing any of these? Anyone else experiencing the same issues?