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    does illustrator cc work with solidworks 2015?

    Toby Mullarkey

      I've just started using illustrator CC and Solidworks 2015 won't let me open a .ai file without illustrator installed.

      It always worked before with earlier versions of illustrator.

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          James Drake

          I've had this problem for years, and I have a support request in. The only work around that I actually tried and got to work today, was to install Illustrator CS3 (beside my up-to-date CC). When I opened the AI file in Solidworks, it started CS3, and finally imported the profile I had. The downside to this is that the CS3 needs to be the default Illustrator version. If you change the default program to open AI files back to the new version, I get the error message again.


          The other option that I've been doing is to export the profile from Illustrator as a DWG, and opening that in SolidWorks. It seems to work okay.