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Surface triming and solid body problems

Question asked by Kevin Raley on Jul 21, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2008 by Kevin Raley
Hello all,

New poster but not new to solidworks, however I am new to the surfacing features and have come looking for some advice or assistance with a particular part that is driving me crazy.

I am recreating an existing object that I dont have access to the original files so think reverse engineered.

If there is a better way to get to the end of having a solid body with the basic shape I am ok doing that just not sure how else to recreate a compound curved part like this though.

2 main problems here that I am pulling my hair out over (and I dont have any to spare). Basically the shape is generally correct and here are my problems:

1.) Surface triming with feature "Surface-Extrude2" (blue-green) I am trying to cut a curve into the outer surface on the bottom, and when I select the bodies to keep as being "Surface-trim1" (orange&gray) the upper section it won't remove the curved surface that performs the cut. I have tried various combinations of standard and mutual cuts as well as trying to select the parts to remove. None of these seems to be working correctly

2.) So after struggling with problem #1 for some time I decided to attack it a different way in that my plan was to create a solid body of the entire part then do an extruded cut feature. In heading down that road I was unable to knit everything into a solid body. Even though I had already created a closed volume and wasnt able to create a solid body. I have removed those boundary surfaces in this pic for clarity. I have even tried thickening the "Surface-Trim1" to the inside by very small amounts and it wont let me do that either.

So any ideas from you surface experts out there???