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Discussion created by Kevin Quigley on Jul 21, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2008 by 1-9C36HC
Given that this is supposed to be an Alpha forum and assuming that PhotoView is being made ready for the latter stages of SW2009 beta do the developers at Luxology have direct access to these comments?

This is maybe the critical time for PhotoView and it should really be getting driven forward as fast as possible, yet I'm looking at the Views of some of the threads and seeing that some are getting one or two hits. Assuming one of them is the originator that is not adding up to a comprehensive coverage.

This is not a comment on Mark or Joe, or any of us come to that, but you guys are deep in the bowels of SW 2009 beta as well so it would kind of make sense to me if we could open a dialogue directly with Luxology here if only to reduce your reporting workload a bit and get the developers to ask questions directly if needed.

I know full well if you say to a software developer I need this this this and this they will say sure no problem, tomorrow or you will get the hmmmm, might be possible hmmm lot of work that though, but at least if they understand the issues directly they might be able to rework something else to accommodate it.