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    Jason Ebersole
      I know edrawings can be used as a markup tool for SW files, but what is the typical way to use this as it related to PDMWorks?

      If a user simply right clicks on a SW file and selects View/Markup, edrawings opens the file readonly. If a user marksup the file and wants to save it, the file can be saved and checked into the vault as an edrawing file, but I don't see any kind of automatic reference back to the SW file it was created from. If the user has write access to the SW file, it looks like the markup info is saved within the SW file and no edrawings file is created.

      I'm just trying to understand how markup is managed in PDMWE. Thanks, Jason
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          Jeff Sweeney
          You're on top of things.

          Check out the SW file, use "Open With.." eDrawings.
          Mark up to your heart's content
          Save the file -not making an eDrawing document, saving it in SW format
          Check the file back in.

          Now wouldn't it be cool to see red line info in the SW app? ..but you can see it in your preview window or if you open it in eDrawings again.
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              Jason Ebersole
              Hmm. The preview window isn't showing the markups, and if I do right-click view/markup on the SW part file I am testing with, I can see that there are Markup comments in the Edrawings GUI, but I have to highlight the user name for the comments (markups) to show up.

              Again, I'm not seeing these markups in the PDMWE Preview tab...
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              Jeff Sweeney
              This one is a bit tricky to explain via typing...

              In the pane above the preview window, RMB click in an area where you aren't clicking on anything in particular
              Click View -> "Show Full UI in SW Preview"

              Seems like this should be on by default, but it isn't. (Not available in all states, see store for details, must use PDMWE 2008)