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    Config name length restriction?

    Sam S
      I received a file that I could not add to the vault, I would receive an error stating "Could not add documents! Cause: Could not access the item in the database"

      Through trial and error I was finally able to add the file to the vault by changing the configuration name to Default. The original config name is shown below and is incredibly long. I have no idea why the file creator created such a long config name.

      Can anyone confirm that pdmwe sets a character limitation for configs?

      Config Name:
      DisTaNcE BETwEEN Two MouNTiNG HoLEs(B)50ELimiNaTiNG DowEL HoLEs ALTEraTioN(NKC)NoHEiGHT(H)200HoLE DisTaNcE (Y)90HoLE DisTaNcE(F)40HoLE DisTaNcE(G)90HoLE DisTaNcE(X)40LENGTH(A)100ModELConfigurable Hole PositionSLoTTEd HoLE ALTEraTioN iN A DirEcTioN(LN)NoSLoTTEd HoLE ALTEraTioN iN H DirEcTioN(HN)NoTappEd HoLE ALTEraTioN(MC)NoTypEIKYS(JIS SS400,Balck Oxide)