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    Rotation of view

    Mila Hlinovsky
      Is it possible to rotate the whole section view? Now I have it with some angle because of alignment to the parent view.
        • Rotation of view
          Mark Kaiser
          Click on the section view, click the rotate view button (same button that rotates view in part/asm), and set your rotation angle.
          • Rotation of view
            Steve Calvert
            You should be able to select the view and then hit the 'Rotate View' button on the View toolbar.

            • Rotation of view
              Eddie Cyganik


              You have received instruction on "how to" rotate a view but I'd like to add this comment/warning:

              Whenever a view is rotated out of its original or originally projected orientation, you must add a caption to the view that denotes how & why this was done. For example:

              SECTION A-A
              (VIEW ROTATED 45° CCW
              TO CLARIFY ASSEMBLY.)

              This is similar to removal or hiding of components in an assembly drawing, for instance:

              PART NUMBER 12345, TOP COVER