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Largest Physical Model in SW

Question asked by Craig Brash on Jun 22, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2016 by Jack Blake

I was wondering if SW has a limit on the size of assemblies that can be created before it starts to have problems.

I currently have a number of large bridges modelled (4 span suspension bridges) , I can't fault the modelling aspect but trying to generate drawings is terrible.  Plans and elevations are fine but generating a localised cross sections is the bain of my life. I've always had problems with the section tool in the past but as my models have increased in size it seems to be getting worst.  I'm starting to look at other packages for drawing production but just wanted to check I'm not missing a setting somewhere, I have consulted my VAR and they have raised it with SW but no solution has presented itself.


Any advice is appreciated,





PH3 Opt.3 - Cam8-NE.JPG