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Video Card Questions

Question asked by 1-527E6D on Jul 18, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2008 by Jim Zink
I have a PCI Express Quadro FX 560, which was decent for 2007 and the type of work we do, aseemblies rarely exceed more that 200 parts, but is becoming a bit outdated especially in SW 2008. We also do alot of work with wire shelving and grid walls which really sucks the performance right out of solidworks especially in drawings.

Also recently the drivers, and or the card have also started acting up, such as failing to reload after a reboot, requiring a complete driver reinstall.

Is the Quadro FX 570 a big jump in capabilities over the FX 560, it will be difficult to convince IT to spring for a card that comes close to $200.00.

Are their any better alternatives such as the FireGL line from ATi.

I would love to hear suggestions so that I can build a case for a new Video card for my self and my coworkers.

We are all running XP PRO 32bit and all have PCI Express X16 slots.
I run SW2008 SP4
My coworkers are on 2008 SP3.1

Thanks for the advice.