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    Decal File Format Help

    Chip Hindes
      I need to put a standard company label on various cylindrical assemblies.

      I believe I have figured out how to use the decal function using the stock decals which come with Photoworks. The help files sstate these stock files can be modified and saved using (their example) Photoshop Pro. I don't have that program, and all the stock decals are in .p2d fiile format. I found this is a rather obscure 2D CAD program and I can find no other program which will even recognize these files, let alone allow me to edit them. I gave up and created my own decals from scratch, then tried saving them in the decal folder in .bmp, .jpg, .png, .tif, and .gif formats. However, the Task Pane does not recognize any of these file types.

      What file format will Photoworks recognize, and is there some other program than Photoshop Pro which can easily edit the stock files?

      BTW, I also tried extruding text onto a flat surface and then bending it into a cylindrical shape using the sheet metal functions. I actually got it to work and the labels look good, but bending a simple two lines of text causes my computer to bog down for as much as 10 minutes; editing the bend feature or text costs another 10 minutes each; then I couldn't get the bent parts to mate properly with the existing cylindrical surfaces.
        • Decal File Format Help
          Mark Matthews
          It's easy to make a decal right from the decal property manager. Just hit the decal button on the photoworks menu and it will bring up the default decal folder. Browse to where you have an image file of your logo ( I usually use uncompressed tif, but jpeg works too) and double click it. It will now show up in the Decal property manager. Now just place it. You can save the Decal as a decal in whatever folder you wish and in future you can just pick that instead of settiing it up from scratch everytime. You can use Microsoft Paint to do simple editing of your logo files.

          For the geometry approach, use the Wrap feature instead of trying to bend sheetmetal. It will take any closed sketch and wrap it on cylindrical and conical surfaces by making split lines on the faces.
          • Decal File Format Help
            Dan Buffo
            I have found the decal feature of Photoworks to be a little finicky and quirky. Sometimes jpgs that I want to apply as decals will not show a preview in the right side folder view, but when I browse for them in the task manager, I can select and apply them. Also, I have some jpgs that cannot be applied as decals no matter what I do. I believe it has something to do with which compression scheme the jpg uses.