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Discussion created by Guest on Sep 26, 2006
on 2006 26 09:00 eirik sæther wrote:
> My company is about to start using PDM.
> What we usally do with production drawings is to make a pdf for each revision
> to ensure track back capability. Earlier we've done this manually and saved the
> pdf under a "production drawing" folder located in the specific project folder.
> However, when we now let PDM handle the files, we would like the pdf to go in a
> similar folder in the pdm tree. That way we would have 3D CAD files in one
> folder, 2D drawings in one folder and PDF's in one folder.
> So to my question:
> Have anyone out there managed to make a macro that puts the pdf in the right
> folder. The folder structure is the same for all projects. I want the pdf to be
> put in the same project folder as the drawing, but a different sub folder.
> We have a macro wich make the pdf, but it puts it on the local hard drive.
> Any viewpoints on this matter would be greatly appriciated.
> Regards
> Eirik Saether
> Well Innovation

Hello Eirik-

I recommend you submit an Enhacement Request for the ability to do this;


Currently, I do this manually too.

Best Regards,
Devon T. Sowell