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Modeling weldment with fillets.

Question asked by Peter Giles on Jul 17, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2008 by Peter Giles

I have been trying to model and test a derrick composed of Hollow Structural Rectangular tubing welded with flatbar and sheet metal. The problem I am encountering is with modeling the fillets representative of weld beads that would be crucial to the results of my finite testing. I have tried a couple different scenarios which i have listed below. Howerver, they are very time consuming especially when i discover that that my model can be improved and have to recrate the study with my changes to test again.

Things I have tried without much success...

1. I took my assembly and used Insert > New part and then used Insert > Feature > Join, to create a merged part of my entire assembly. I found this made my life difficult in that I had to create an extrude on each connection to model my weld bead.

2. I saved my assembly as a Part file. This created the same problem as i had to manually input each fillet.

3. (Collosal waste of time by the way...Act of Desparation) Created my assembly from scratch using sweeps and extrudes. Easy to fillet, with the fillet tool. Drawback, alot of work to set up and was not able to create a mesh from this part file.

I am new to Cosmos Works. I feel that I could easily do this if I had a little more know how. Is there an easy way to do this? Do anyone else have an issue like this.

NOTE: I tried using my completed assembly to create a study but found that i was getting stress risers due to sharp edges that won't necessarily be present in real life. Any Help would be greatly appreciated...