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    Xpress using gravity in analysis???

    Tom Drill
      I made a simplified, one body model of a frame we need to build, and I am using CosmosXpress in SW08 to analyze it. I'm wondering if Xpress is taking into account the weight of the frame in the analysis. I have material properties assigned and the frame weighs about 3000 lbs. When I run the analysis, with no loads (1 lb load), it moves, but very little. When I add a 3000 lb load to the frame, it moves quite a bit more.

      The total load is 6000 lbs (load plus weight of frame), but I am not sure if I need to run my analysis at 6000 lbs (3k lb load plus 3k lb for the weight of the frame), or at 3k lbs (3k lb load and the weight of the frame is already incorporated via material properties. Please help.
        • Xpress using gravity in analysis???
          Hi Tom,

          The weight is not considered. COSMOSXpress loading is limited to force and pressure. To approximate the weight, you should add it to the force. Obviously, this is an approximation as the weight is a body force (that acts at each particle), while the force (or pressure) is applied at the boundary face.

          Idris Traina