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Tips to maximize performance on Dell Precision 690 Workstation

Question asked by 1-CKLISI on Jul 17, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2008 by Wil Lambert
Computer specs:
Dell Precision 690 1kW power supply
Dual Xeon 5160 3.00GHz Dual Core Processors - 1333MHz Front Side Bus
8GB DDR2 ECC SDRAM Memory 667 MHz
nVidia Quadro FX4600 768MB video card with latest drivers
4 SATA 3.0Gb/s 7200 RPM 8MB cache hard drives
Integrated SATA/SAS controller [not used]

BIOS options:
SpeedStep - ON
Virtualization - ON*
Limit CPUID Value - OFF
Snoop Filter - ON
ACL Prefetch - ON*
HW Prefetch - ON
Front Side Bus Optimization - ON*
(*) Denotes a non-default setting.
These processors do not have hyperthreading.

Hard Drive #0: 80GB - Windows XP 64bit & Solid Works 2008 sp3.0 (85% free space) [no page file]
Hard Drive #1: 250GB - All SW parts/assemblies files stored here (92% free space) [5GB Windows page file in a dedicated partition]
Hard Drive #2: 80GB - Red Hat Linux [5GB Windows page file in dedicated partition]
Hard Drive #3: 250GB - No files [5GB Windows page file in dedicated partition]

Is there anything that I can do to better optimize this thing? Where is the bottleneck? It takes 2 minutes for Solid Works to open. How about the hard drive configuration - should I reconfigure the hard drives for RAID? Anything I can do with SolidWorks for improvements? The majority of my day has become a waiting game and I'm trying to get my efficiency back up. I don't have an anti-virus program installed