COSMOS 2008 analysis problem ???

Discussion created by 1-FDHTST on Jul 16, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2008 by 1-MWF61
I am familiar with Catia V5 R16 and new to Solid Works 2008. I am attempting to model a rubber hose under forces of gravity and drag. The hose is supported by a hinge restraint and starts out horizontally. Essentially I want to apply various drag forces and study where the hose rests in the air in relation to the horizontal starting point.

Problem 1:

The problem is when running the analysis I get a large displacement error. I also tried activating the large displacement flag and now the analysis fails.

Problem 2:

My study type is set to static and I have attempted to change the study type however, Cosmos will not show any analysis types other than static.

Any help on this issue would be amazing and very much appreciated.