Mark Matthews

PV changing Mapping

Discussion created by Mark Matthews on Jul 16, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2011 by Russ Johnston
I've applied some textures at the part level, cause nothing is showing up at the assembly level in either direction (PV to SW - SW to PV). Only one appearance has made it into PV from RV even though I've assigned materials to many parts of this assembly. I had previously assigned appearances to parts in PV and saved from PV, but those do not show up in the parts or the assembly in SW. The appearances assigned in PV did show up again in PV when the assembly was reopened, seemingly overiding the appearances assigned in RV.

In the two images, the one texture that did show up in PV from RV was assigned at the part level to a part that did not have an assignment previously from PV. The screenshots show that the mapping in PV seems to have been applied at the assembly level in PV where the screenshot from RV shows the texture applied at the part level.

I can not save the PV file today, though I could yesterday. Machine has been rebooted this morning.