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PDMWorks Link = Empty folder

Question asked by Jacqueline More on Jul 16, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2008 by 1-A5CHD1
OK, I've gone around with the VAR for over a week, not having much luck. I need to resolve this asap. I'm not IT savvy, and much of my PDM knowledge is self taught.

I just upgraded to a new workstation, xp pro 64 bit. I am running solidworks 2007 and pdm works enterprise 2007. The server software is 32 bit if that helps.

I've already made sure the pdm enterprise software installed in the program x86 folder vs the regular program files folder. I've edited the registry numerous times to delete the databases, vaults etc locally and tried re-connecting. Everything works smoothly thru the view setup wizard without any notices of issues. However, when I go to C:\ the PDM Works icon is not there, instead it is an empty folder.

Right now I am mapped to my PDM archive server via my laptop, but this is not an efficient use of my time. Every time I need to view something or check something out, I have to do it over on the laptop then come back to the workstation. This is slow and miserable.

How do I fix this? I worry I am now high and dry as I have not heard back from my VAR since Monday. Our local IT folks don't know enough about PDM to fathom a guess because everything goes as it should until we see that empty folder.

Thank you.