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EPDM Tasks Cards disappeared for no reason

Question asked by Lynx Lu on Jun 21, 2016

Hi Everyone,


I was editing tasks that convert solidworks drawings and parts to pdf, dxf, and step respectively (note that the tasks are already being used in the workflow). I made a copy version of the pdf conversion just in case I messed up. I did mess up and then I deleted the pdf export task and try to rename the "Copy_" version back to the original pdf export tasks. All of a sudden a whole bunch of conversion tasks disappeared (most of them) but the copy version was renamed successfully and did not disappear...


Now, for some strange reason, although I re-imported the tasks and re-inputted it as actions in the workflow (since the action item disappeared with the card), I am unable to export the workflow.


It shows "The specified card variable is missing."


I would appreciate any help or suggestions. Thanks!