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Flat pattern bend lines / notes not showing in drawing

Question asked by Tristan Pashley on Jun 21, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2019 by Billy Hill

After an hour searching the forum and trying every solution I could I still have no luck with this part. Multibody sheet metal with 3 bodies. Two configurations. All parts will flatten but the two side pieces will not show bend lines or notes on the flat pattern in a drawing. Is anyone able to try making a drawing with the three flat patterns? SW 2015


Many thanks!


For reference, so far I have tried:

  • Check box for bend notes in document properties
  • Check box in "More Properties" under the relevant drawing view
  • Showing bend line sketches in part and drawing in the feature tree
  • Showing sketches in the drawing under View menu
  • Deleting numerous redundant flat pattern configurations in the part that seem to get created when a flat pattern is added in the drawing--this makes me wonder if the file isn't corrupt
  • This list isn't exhaustive...