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Visual bug

Question asked by Peter Taraschi on Jun 21, 2016
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I am experiencing a very weird problem with the graphics of one of my assemblies. I was having no issues with it until I pulled it from our vault and opened it on another computer.


(I made some changes and checked the assembly back into the vault which seems to have spread the problem to my main computer. Pulling up an older revision of the assembly from the vault does not fix the issue.)


All of the sudden every single edge line was showing through all of the faces in the assembly (see screenshot1). This is with the display set to "Shaded with edges". It gets even weirder when I switch to just "Shaded". Most of the faces in the assembly become partially transparent and this transparency moves as I move my camera (see screenshots 2-4). I can see past the majority of the faces but if I try to click on what I am seeing it still just selects the transparent face. Additionally, this is only happening in this one configuration of the assembly. I can go to a different configuration that does not have this visual issue but if I create a new configuration off of this broken one then the problem remains in the new configuration. I can even go to a higher level assembly that contains this assembly and this visual problem does not occur in any configuration.


This visual bug does not spread to any individual parts if I open them except for the most recent part that I created (attached as "detector thermal link.sldprt").


I can't figure out what is happening and this is impossible to work with. Has anyone ever experienced something like this before?