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Multiple sketches for multiple surfaces

Question asked by Len Hodder on Jul 16, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2008 by Mark Matthews
Help, please!

I have a number of sketches which define side contours (3D), top surface and mid-section shape (2D) of a kayak-like product.

I define a lofted surface using the verticals of the side contours sketch and the top and bottom horizontal boundaries using an edge defined by the other two 2D surfaces. In the end, in property manager, I get a lofted surface with 3 sketches embedded in that operation.

Now, I want to create another set of surfaces, using two or more of the same sketches. I can select one of the embedded sketches, and insert a surface, but I can't select two (or more) of the embedded surfaces to create another surface from.

Can you suggest how I can do this, or is there another approach entirely? I'd prefer to keep these sketches separate, since the two 2D sketches are on specific planes, and are connected by contours drawn in the 3D sketch.