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Fasteners Changing

Discussion created by Bryan Burnett on Jul 15, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2010 by Bernie Andreoli
We are having great trouble with our toolbox changing sizes on our fasteners. About half the time when we check a model out of the vault the fasteners and other toolbox components are the wrong size. We sometimes get a message that the configuration could not be found and would we like the program to create it. These configurations were already created.

We are using PDM Works on a server with a shared toolbox. We just changed over to not allow check in of toolbox items, though we were not checking in bolts. We are using the sprockets and gears from SW and now strip the toolbox ID from them and make them a normal part.

This problem is getting frustrating.

We are also experiencing a long wait on placing toolbox items, namely fasteners.

SW 2008 SP 4.0 x64 all machines are Window XP64, and the server is Windows Server 2003, we are using roaming profiles.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.