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    OT: Linearization

    David McCaskill
      Can someone please explain why Cosmosworks requires 2 or more studies have to be carried out before a linearization can take place?

        • OT: Linearization
          Mahir Abrahim
          I don't know much about the CW linearization feature, but if it's anything like the the name implies maybe CW needs two "data points" to create it's linear approximation of the system - similar to requiring two points to create a line.
          • OT: Linearization
            Bill McEachern
            Its probably not the best move from a product design standpoint - requiring multiple studies but the linear superposition feature is only sensible with two or more load cases hence the requirements. Why they don't allow the stress lineariszation to go with one load case is a mystery. Maybe Vince Adams can comment as to the rationale.