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Custom Line Style

Question asked by Bob Seher on Jul 15, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2013 by Rux Devarajulu
I want to detail some machining in a large flat sheet metal part and need to use a cropped view in my drawing to show that area at a large enough scale to dimension clearly.

This means that ALL boundaries of the cropped view are only that; a "cropped view edge" and not an edge of the part although they show up exactly the same in the drawing.

I would like a "jagged" line to define my "cropped view" so that it does not get confused with edges of the part.

SW does not have a "cropped view edge" style.

Has anyone wished for such a bounding edge?

Has anyone found a work around without "drawing a jagged edge by hand"?

Any ideas would be appreciated.