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    REVISION in Word Doc Header

    Jason Ebersole
      I was able to pull the REVISION docproperty into a Word Doc header, but it doesn't update automatically when the revision increments as a result of moving through the default workflow. I can manually "update field" from within Word, but I was hoping it would do it automatically.

      Is there a way to get this to work like it does on a Solidworks drawing?

      Thanks, Jason
        • REVISION in Word Doc Header
          There is a macro in the administration guide that you can use to force the update of fields. I don't have access to it at the moment, but if you search for UpdateField in the guide you'll find it. The macro updates the fields when the document opens. The field is updating, it's just not showing in the document until you tell it to.
          • REVISION in Word Doc Header
            Paul Philpott
            I'm new to Enterprise and trying to figure out how to get Enterprise to auto-populate Office footers with doc$ and Rev/Version values. I'll be checking into this thread with questions and suggestions as I work on this. Thanks for starting this tread!

            I totally agree that we need to get away from using filename to describe the document. Let filename = doc#, leaving these values fixed and arbitrary. Use Description field to describe, and get users in the habit of looking up doc# to discover (and even upgrade/improve) the description. The ability to do this is one of the important benefits of using Enterprise.