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Question asked by Samuel Weddle on Jul 11, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2008 by Martin Cox

We are running Solidworks 2008 sp4.0 xp pro, 32bit.

We are a large sheetmetal shop/contract manufacturer. Most assemblies are under 200 parts; however, we have some between 500-1000 parts.
We do not use Cosmos, but we do some rendering with Photo Works.
We get some lagging, and a occassional solidworks crash, with the larger assy's.
Also the final, high quality rendering, is where we really need some improvement.

We are currently using NVIDIA Quadro FX3450 which is a 256MB card, with a 256-bit memory interface, and a 32GB/sec. bandwidth. (it's also discontinued)
2.13Ghz core2 processor, and 4GB ram.

We would like to upgrade our video card, to a 512MB. We were thinking about the FX1700, but someone noticed that it's memory bandwidth is only 128 bit, and has a 12.8GB/sec bandwidth.
Do you think the FX1700 would be an upgrade, or a down grade?
I'm not sure which is more important, the ram, or speed and "size of the pipe".

I need to order another CAD system, and I was debating between the Core®2 Extreme QX6850 (3.00GHz/1333MHz/2X4MB L2), and a Xeon processor. Which is faster for CAD?

I would just like to understand more the roles, or importance of the 3 aspects of a good CAD system, the processor, the RAM, and video card.

Thanks for the help!!