New PhotoView Build available

Discussion created by 1-9C36HC on Jul 11, 2008
Dear PhotoView Alpha testers,

A new build of PhotoView is available.


or click here


- In this build we have integrated the SW install, and licensing. As a prerequisite, SolidWorks 2009 Beta2 must be installed.

New features and enhancements

- Texture mapping from RealView to PhotoView (there are several known issues. But this is the first cut at getting the kinks worked out)
- Scale
- orientation
- Map type, spherical, cylindrical, planar, box
- Save
- PV data is saved back into SolidWorks file
- New materials
- New environments

Known issues

1) Save
2) Saving of appearance and assembly based materials does not work.
3) It is sometimes necessary to close and reopen PhotoView to reflect changes in the SolidWorks model

As usual, please share issues, feedback and comments in this forum only.


Joe Dunne