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    Drawing bollon leader line problem

    Jia Wang
      Hi, there, I got a question about the drawing annotation extension leader line. In my drawing, I use the bollon to show an assembly's part number, and I want to save the drawing as PDF file finally. I have the bollon leader line problem because it seems it is difficult to be 100% straight, you know, the line was combined into several small pieces which have off set. I can adjust the orientation fo the leader to make them be 100% straight. But when you save it as PDF file or other type file, some leader lines are still not 100% straight, it was combined into several small piece lines. I am not sure it's SW default resolution problem or it's my graphics card problem. I am wondering is there has some way I could fix this problem. Because these PDF files will finally be used in product cataloge. It is not professional to leave these lines which would be combined by some offset small lines and have a bad view. In that case, my boss will ask me to redo all the stuff.

      I appreciate any help information if possible. Thank you.