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distributed processing to speed up COSMOS analysis?

Question asked by Dave Weagle on Jul 10, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2010 by 1-MA3X80
I've been involved in th eanalysis of components with a good deal of contact between plastic and metal components in an assembly. Analysis is taking far too long, I need a solution to speed up design revisions. I run a water cooled dual processor dual core Xeon motherboard in my workstation with the most RAM that Windows can recognize. I'd ideally like about 10X the processing power of what I have now.

I don't however, want to build a new workstation. Ideally I would like to build a slave machine with 4 or 6 quad core processors that can just work as a COSMOS processor when necessary. I would need to implement some kind of distributed processing method to cut up all of the processing needs into packets, analyze it, reassemble it, and get it back into COMSMOS. This is very similar to what SETI@home does, except I would pass data locally instead of over the internet.

As of today Cosmos Advanced Professional has no built in distributed processing capablity, but I know that there are 3rd party applicatins that can run in the windows environment.

Has anyone successfuilly implemented a distributed processing system to help pump out analysis or rendering faster?

Any help or directiuon would be greatly appreciated.