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Question asked by Ben Conners on Jul 10, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2017 by Puneeth Mh
I have created drawing templates that include a revision table. I have also, set the document properties for tables to LINKED under the multi-style option.

When I create a multisheet drawing, I start by choosing the first sheet from the template created above. The revision table shows up fine. When I add a second sheet and choose the same template, the revision table does not show up.

The reason I need the rev table to show is we will be using a macro for adding the revision row to a table that must already exist in the drawing. So I figured I could include this table in all the templates.

Would anyone know of a solution?

Also, when adding a sheet to a multi-sheet drawing, the default name of the sheet is SHEETx. Our drawing templates does not call the sheet number anymore - we have designed it to call the sheet name according to a convention we have adopted. Would it be possible to edit some code where this SHEETX label would be stored?

Any help is much appreciated.

Ben Conners
Lovat Inc.
SW 2008 SP4.0