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How much work to open a drawing?

Question asked by Joe Dunfee on Jul 10, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2009 by Thomas Maurey
I have a co-worker who is using eDrawing program to view and print some SW drawings. One of our drawings is 10 meg, and takes him 1 1/2 minute to just open. He has been attempting to print, and it has taken 1/2 hour so far, with the CPU pegged. His computer is not an especially old or slow one. It has 1 Gig memory.

He is able to open and view the 3D assembly of the same item with reasonable performance.

I am now wondering if eDrawing actually has the render engine of SW internally, and then, when it opens a drawing, it re-renders the various views to make sure they are current.

Joe Dunfee