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How to align Bollon annotation leader line  IN SW drawing

Question asked by Jia Wang on Jul 10, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2008 by Jia Wang
Hi, there. I am doing a series of expanding assembly drawing using SW 2008. I got a question about how to allign the annotation leader line. I use bollon annotation to show the part number in the assembly. But the annotation line looks not good because I put the assembly as Trimetric position, and all the leader line are not the smae length and has different oritation. My ideal position for the annotation line is I want them to be same orientation. like 45 degree and has the same length. I am wondering in SW is there has some setup could satisfy my requirement.

In addition, Some line seems tilted into some small pieces when you adjust the view size of the assembly. Is there has some way to fix this problem.

I appreciate on any good suggestions for putting the bollon leader line in a good view.