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    Detected Cyclic File Reference

    Sachin Nagane
      I am getting an error saying " Detected Cyclic File Reference" When I am trying to check in an assembly.

      What I had done was, I saved one on f the assemblies in the vault with a different name . Removed some parts from that assembly, added some parts to that asssembly saved and tried to check in.

      any thoughts?
        • Detected Cyclic File Reference
          Devon Sowell
          Hello Sachin-

          Here's my opinion;

          Part files checked into a Vault should have no external references. I always remove any external references from each Part file before Check In.

          Others may have different ideas, but this works good for me and my clients.
            • Detected Cyclic File Reference
              Sachin Nagane
              that was a good thought Devon and in fact I found a couple of parts which were refering to themselves. I was able to narrow down the trouble parts which I cannot check in. Then I removed the external references in those trouble parts.

              But I am still getting that error

              Is there a way to find what is the cyclic reference that is giving this error
                • Detected Cyclic File Reference
                  Devon Sowell

                  My first thought is this;

                  External References must be removed down to the Sketch level, sometimes this is over-looked.

                  Also, some External References cannot be removed; for example, the Cavity Feature.

                  Another External Reference that cannot (as far as I know) be removed is a Plane, used in a Sketch; this Plane is a Child of a Surface/Edge/Sketch from another Part file.

                  A Tool that could Find all Part files with External References would be very helpful.

                  Also, last time I checked (version 2007) the Remove External Reference Tool in SolidWorks does not remove External References at the Sketch level.
                    • Detected Cyclic File Reference
                      Sachin Nagane
                      you are right " List External References "option allows you to break references at feature level but not at sketch level. I had problem chkecking in even after breaking all external references.

                      Anyways what finally worked was.
                      I Saved copy of trouble file with a different name-> checked in the renamed copy -> replaced the troubled part with the renamed copy -> deleted trouble copy -> renamed the copy back to original name.