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    Exporting engineering database info

      Trying to send a design out to my VAR due to an issue. Well, I found another issue that is potentially serious...I guess:

      Pack and go does not seem to pack anything from the Engineering Database into your zip file. So...if you've defined a new fan, for example, that data will never make it into the zip file, which means that as you unpack after you go the design will be broken.

      Is there a way to export engineering database items? I looked through the menu and didn't see anything obvious.

      Where does/do the database file/s live?


        • Exporting engineering database info
          Found the location of the database.

          In SW, navigate to the Tools menu
          Click "Options"
          At the bottom of this dialog box there's a button labeled "Third party...", click it
          A new dialog box opens. It has a tab for FloWorks.
          One of the first items is the "Directory for user Engineering Database"

          ...it'd be nice if this dialog box could be resized to read long paths