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Adjusting Colors

Question asked by Mark Matthews on Jul 8, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2008 by Rob Rodríguez
When I'm adjusting the colors of a shader (in this case a high gloss plastic) under the advanced tab the color picker defaults to the diffuse color; clicking on the specular color bar brings up the Windows color picker (which I've always hated) instead of just letting you pick the color in the displayed color picker. This should work as laid out: clicking in whatever bar beside "Diffuse" "Specular".... should just activate the color picker for that color adjustment.

Also when adjusting a shader, the shader assigned needs to show up in the Material browser, or it's own window, so you can see what it is you actually assigned.

I can't adjust the size of the brushed aluminum texture, or change it's direction. In general I have never seen a good linear brushed metal from any rendering package. The brush always seems to look too smooth as it transitions across the scratches of the brush. (edit: Ok, now I get how you change the size of the textures. You set the Texture Scale Multiplier to above 100% to increase the texture size; the trick being to keep hitting the apply button. Setting to less than 100% shrinks the texture size. This is not intuitive (at least for me)).

Just adding more observations regarding shader adjustments:

Can't change the color of any of the metals like Matte or Satin Finish Silver. Is this planned? Then the color editor should not be active. We need to be able to adjust the colors of metals.