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Sweep cut Emulating Ball Mill

Question asked by Ryan Vassallo on Jun 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2016 by Paul Salvador



This seems like there is a very simple solution that does not involve a hundred different steps.


I have a Die plate for work, simple 6" steel with a plain cut extruded profile. On one end I would like to emulate a 1/4" (or any larger size for that matter) Ball mill lead in, at a similar radial depth. There are times like in this case where the profile is a bit more complicated and the sweep cut feature will not work for anything above say a .005" circular sweep cut. Even if I draw a cut profile, to follow the path, it still intersects and will fail. It is such a simple task to do, but seemingly impossible to actually complete. Are there any other features that you think may work? other than doing sweep cuts of each and every line? Where as in that case, I could have hundreds of lines at times, and even then it will not represent a smooth geometry.


Now, to help you visualize i did a sweep cut of a very small radius to help explain what I am trying to do. It is only at these small radii that it will work. Sketch109 is the size sweep I would like to cut.


Any and all help would be fantastic. Thank you.