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    I am unable to open a ProE .prt file into Solidworks. 

    Rico Warfel

      In the past 6 months or so, I have been having a issue opening ProE .prt files.  It gives me a error that it is not a valid part file.  I have always been able to open ProE files into Solidworks in the past, but something has changed.  Either in ProE or Solidworks.  I am receiving .prt files from multiple customers with the same error when I try to open the files.  Has anyone else seen this, or have a solution for this? 


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          Sindre Sorhus

          Hi Rico,


          I met this issue a while back, and it seems to be a problem with proe/creo translation in 2015- and 2016. I got a notification that the translator will be fixed in 2017 beta 1, so I recommend that you join the beat testing for 2017 to check that your able to import your models again. Beta testing will begin sometime this week.


               SPR#: 927780

               Description: Translator - ProE Import - Cannot import PTC Creo 3.0 file; '...is not a valid part file.'

               Status: Implemented.

               Version: 2017  b1