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How to fix this motorbike frame model for meshing?

Question asked by Kirill Romanenko on Jun 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2016 by Kirill Romanenko

Hello! I`m trying to mesh and analize motorcycle frame model for static loads. Model is ready (made of solids and weldments) and forces are applied, but i have stuck with meshing and calculation.

Model has two configurations:

- full with slots for weld beads in tail

- simplified with combined parts in tail (now i work with it)


Geometry Analysis shows that model has no gemometry-related errors. SolidWorks version is 2016.


And problems are following:

1) It always fails to make full solid-based mesh for some bodies of model.

2) When i try to make half from solids and half from beams - then i get error that "one or more joint lie inside solid" and undefined bonded contact sets error.


How should i to fix this model for meshing?